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Hand Picked Cleansed & Charged Quality Crystals!

Citrine Cluster | Small ~ PROSPERITY

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Citrine is known for its high vibrations of attracting wealth, abundance & joy. It enhances productivity & action and beholds one to envision their goals and pursue & manifest them into reality. It is a stone that filters out negativity and encourages happiness, prosperity & success.

Chakra Element: Sacral | Solar Plexus

Key Qualities: High Vibration, Uplifting, Creativity, Joy, Prosperity, Abundance, Happiness, Manifest, Wealth, Success.

1 x Citrine Crystal Cluster: Receive 1 Small Delightful Citrine Cluster, intuitively picked and harnessed with love! 

Size: Small Approx. 30 - 40mm

All Citrine crystals are cleansed with sage smudge and charged under the full moon - Ready to activate.

*Keep away from direct sunlight as Citrine crystals may tend to fade. 

1 x Crystal Identity Card: Comes with an identity card to help you identify your crystal, its healing properties and the associated chakra element. 

Special and Unique: All crystals are naturally beautiful & unique in their own shape and form, as no two are exactly the same. Please consider slight variation of color, texture, shape and size.

Please Note: Crystals are metaphysical tools that assist in the support of complementary alternative therapy. Crystals can be a helpful tool used in conjunction to medical treatment however they should not replace medical treatment or practitioner advise.