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Hand Picked Cleansed & Charged Quality Crystals!

Fluorite ~ Large | EXPANSION

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Fluorite is connected to the heart & higher chakras, known to unite a spiritual connection between the heart & mind. It enhances concentration levels & spiritual expansion, working to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras unified with the heart & throat chakras giving us the ability to express our true hearts desires. This makes a very powerful stone and useful medium for manifesting our dreams. It absorbs and neutralizes negativity and vibrates peace, positivity and inspiration.

Chakra Element: Heart & Higher Chakras

Key Qualities: Spiritual Expansion, Hearts Desires, Manifesting Tool, Neutralizing, Peace, Positivity, Inspiration.

Raw Fluorite: Receive 1 x Beautiful Raw Fluorite Crystal, intuitively picked and harnessed with love.

Size: Large 50 - 60mm

*Fluorite crystal's are cleansed with sage smudge and charged under the sun or full moon - Ready to activate!

1 x Crystal Identity Card: Comes with an identity card to help identify your crystal, its healing properties and the associated chakra element.

Special and Unique: All crystals are naturally beautiful & unique in their own shape and form, as no two are exactly the same. Please consider slight variation of color, texture, shape and size.

Please Note: Crystals are metaphysical tools that assist in the support of complementary alternative therapy. Crystals can be used in conjunction to medical treatment however they should not replace medical treatment or practitioner advise.