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Hand Picked Cleansed & Charged Quality Crystals!

Goldstone Blue ~ TRANSMIT | UPLIFT


Known as the the wish-maker, Goldstone Blue is an uplifting stone able to transmit a negative into a positive. It encourages one to focus more on the good rather than the bad and to see the best in all situations optimistically. A mystical healing stone that helps one to connect to their higher self and spirit guides.

Chakra Element: Third Eye

Key Qualities: Uplifting, Positive, Focus, Optimism, Mystical Healing, Spiritual Connection, Higher Self, Spirit Guides.

1 x Gemstone Tumble and Pouch: Receive 1 beautiful Tumblestone, intuitively picked and harnessed with love!

Size: 20-30mm

*All crystal's are cleansed with sage smudge and charged under the sun or full moon - Ready to activate!

1 x Crystal Identity Card: Comes with an identity card to help you identify your crystal, its healing properties and the associated chakra element. 

Special and Unique: All crystals are naturally beautiful & unique in their own shape and form, as no two are exactly the same. Please consider slight variation of color, texture, shape and size.

Please Note: Crystals are metaphysical tools that assist in the support of complementary alternative therapy. Crystals can be used in conjunction to medical treatment however they should not replace medical treatment or practitioner advise.