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White Sage Smudging Stick (Medium)


Sage smudging is an Ancient practise used in ceremonial, spiritual & shamanic rituals to cleanse and purify a specific area, space, object, or person (including yourself), and to promote healing & wisdom. The scent of sage smoke has a fresh, clean, earthy aroma to it which usually lingers for about an hour or 2 after smudging, then begins to fade out.

Size: Medium Approx. 18-20 x 5cm

White Sage Smudge Stick. (Salvia Apiana - Latin meaning, “to heal or be well"). Receive 1 x Medium White Sage Stick for cleansing & smudging.

*Cleanse by Nature! In recent studies, research indicates that the use of medicinal smoke such as sage smoke can purify and cleanse the air by removing 94% of harmful ions, bacteria, pollutants, and contaminants for up to 24hrs. Also useful as an insect repellent.

*Please Note: Sage smoke is harmless and will not harm you or your pets, however, it is best not to directly inhale the smoke if you have asthma or respiratory conditions. Always seek medical advice before use if you have any concerns.

How to Use
Light your sage stick (to keep the practise as natural as possible use matches) and allow the flame to build up, enough so, that it burns evenly at the tip then, allow the flame to fizzle out naturally.

Hold your sage stick over a fire-proof bowl as you move carefully and slowly around your intended space. Making your way from the outside of the room to the centre, gently fan the smoke around the walls, up into the crevices and corners of the room, through cupboards and around objects.

Make your way to the door frame or entry of your space and gently fan the smoke around that area. Before finishing, wave the smoke around your body to cleanse your aura.

Once you are done cleansing your intended space and self, shut the door behind you and let the sage smoke do its work...After 5 minutes go back in and open all windows & doors to fully release the smoke, taking all stagnant energy and air pollutants with it.

As you cleanse your space, you may want to recite an intention clearing chant or smudging prayer out loud, to amplify the cleansing process and raise the vibration of the room.

You can now enjoy your newly cleansed & purified space!