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Hand Picked Cleansed & Charged Quality Crystals!

Orange Calcite | Chips x 100g ~ CREATIVITY | JOY

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Orange Calcite holds a high vibration of joy, creativity & strength. It is an uplifting stone that enhances feelings of optimism & positivity aiming to help those in need of emotional balance & support. Orange Calcite encourages an open mind to tap into our creative imagination and create that which we most desire to have and experience in life, also giving us the strength to push through difficult pursuits and pursue our goals to the end.

Chakra Element: Sacral

Key Qualities: Joy, Creativity, Strength, Uplifting, Optimism, Positivity, Emotional Balance, Support, Imagination, Open Mind, Desires, Goals.

Orange Calcite Raw Crystal: Receive 100g Raw Orange Calcite Crystals, intuitively picked and harnessed with love!

(Crystals are irregular shaped chips and useful for Jewellery, candles and Gridding)

Approx. 12 - 14pcs

Size: Extra Small Approx. 20 - 30mm

Comes with a crystal meaning card

*All Orange Calcite Crystals are cleansed with sage smoke and charged under the full moon - Ready for you to activate!

*Keep away from direct sunlight as Orange Calcite Crystals may tend to Fade.

Special & Unique:

All crystals are naturally beautiful & unique in their own shape and form, as no two are exactly the same. Please consider slight variation of colour, texture, shape and size.

Please Note: Crystals are metaphysical tools that assist in the support of complementary alternative therapy. Crystals can be used in conjunction to medical treatment however the should not replace medical treatment or practitioner advice.